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WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station Episode 37

Episode 37: Join Jamie and Cole this episode for Wizard Rock chat and some of Cole's favorite songs!

Songs featured include:

I Believe in Nargles - The Whomping Willows
Mother, Stop Being Ridiculous - Draco and the Malfoys
Hermione's Song (You & Me) - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
Transparent - The Moaning Myrtles
Eyes to Wremix For - The Lost Diadems
It Sucks - The Butterbeer Experience
The Ballad of Ron and Hermione - Riddle™
Freaking Ask Me to the Yule Ball - The Parselmouths
:Special: Looking For Alaska - Liane Graham

We hope you enjoy this and look for us (hopefully) soon!

Any questions, comments, concerns please email us at

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Love, The WZRD Team
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