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Episode 33 of WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station!

We hope you enjoy episode 33! This is our roomcast edition, recorded live from Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois!

Meet more staffers! Listen to live music!

Bands featured are: Tonks and the Aurors, Riddle TM, Fred and George the Band, The House of Black, Witherwings, The Gringotts Grrls, The Hufflepunks, Wild Magic, and Hawthorn and Holly.

We apologize for having to cut some of some sets. They were very hard to hear due to problems beyond our control! Please go check out every single one of these bands. They were so great! Thank you all for playing. We hope to have you all featured again!
To download directly, right click and save (target) as here.

To listen directly or download a previous episode, go to our website here.

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To access the RSS feed, click here.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Look for us again soon!

-The WZRD team
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