vladpryde (vladpryde) wrote in realmies,

Hello everyone...

Hey there,

It's Richard, aka "Jade Falcon" on HP Realm.  I was banned a while back from the forums, because my quick tongue, cynical wit, and crude humor got to be annoying, and my cold hearted beliefs were a minority on that forum.  I think the term "asshole" would be appropriate here.  Sad to say, not much has changed, however, I've learned to keep my assholishness to myself, rather than express it.

When I left, I felt as I always had: that unless you're a moderator, you're not worth squat on that forum.  You're opinions don't get to be heard, or if you're too verbal in your opinion and beliefs, then you get smacked down with a warning from someone who doesn't agree with you, and uses their modship to sway favor against you.  It's all one big popularity contest, which is why your forum lost so many members over the years.  Some just lost interest, but I'm quite sure that most left in disgust at the likes of "The Hell Posse" and the fact that there were (what seemed like) almost 20-something Moderators and about half the number of regular members.  I donated 20 dollars (not much, no, but still money I earned) of my money to keep that forum going in times when money was a crisis for the site, and never got a single thank you.  Never got a letter of thanks or appreciation.  Never got a message in my inbox...nothing.  But I didn't complain.  Even when I messaged Gypsy to make sure she got the money, and didn't get a response back, I didn't complain.  I was humble, and thought "you know what?  At least you did a good thing because you care about the forums."  Overtime, what I saw on the board changed my opinion dramatically.

So, you're either going to delete my account all together so that I stop getting emails (because, since I'm banned, I can't go in and change my settings), or lift the ban, and I'll give Realm a second go (or I'll at least get the time to check the 7 messages I have in my message box and finish some fanfictions).  But most importantly, if you want your forum to be more sucessful, then I strongly suggest you stop giving privileges to people who haven't earned them; ie: modship.  Also, delete the Hell Posse so that regular users can feel more welcome and invited, not as if they're walking into a school yard popularity contest.

It may not be what you want to hear, but it's an honest, thoughtful expression.  I keep hoping someday it will pay off and count for something.  I'm not looking to be the most popular here, and I don't give a damn whether I ever make modship or not.  I only wish to be an equal like everyone else.  Give that to me, or give me nothing.

Thank you for your time.


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Hokay, honestly, Jade, The Hell Posse was inactive for the majority of the past 2 years. The postings on it were like, 2 to 3 months apart. You have nothing to worry about. But I'm not deleting it, at least not just yet.

Let me get the other renovations under way first, k? Then we'll make that decision.

As for the overbalance of mods? We don't have that problem any more either, as most of them "retired" when they grew out of Harry Potter.

Also? Gypsy no longer has any affiliation with the board, so I can't do anything about that, but I do thank you for donating to that cause, because I love the realm.

And on that note, I'm going to suggest we unban you to the other mods, because hey, if you say you're not an asshole anymore, I'll let you have a second chance. Come back, or remove your email, either way that's up to you.

The climate of the realm had changed long before the members fell away. It was no where near as "elitist" as it was once viewed, and we're not going to go back to being that way once we're back.

So like I said, I'll suggest unbanning you. If you're interested, check up on these comments tomorrow, by then the decision will have been made, and I'll let you know. If they say no, I'll delete your account, 'cause the last thing I want to do is harass people.
This is very thoughtful of you, thank you. If the answer is yes, then yes, I'll come back and see what's up around the forum. I'm certainly glad to hear it's getting cleaned up. If no, well I've long since moved on to YouTube and other places around LJ, so no hard feelings.

I also went back and, for some reason, even though I was banned, I was able to look at the past posts that I wrote. I have to say...damn...I was one stubborn, elitest pig on many occassions. Seriously, I was like "wow, did I really write that?" So needless to say, my views on many issues have changed the past few years, and I think, on a whole, I'm more mature than I was then. I'm not perfect, by any means, but compared to some of the posts I wrote, I'm not nearly as stubborn now as I was then.

Thanks again for considering this.
You, my good man, have been officially unbanned.
Thank you very much. It'll be good to get back and check things out.