Amelia S (seoidin) wrote in realmies,
Amelia S

Episode 24 with Erin Pyne!

Even after some mic problems Amy and Jamie are back for Episode 24 of WZRD!

The Ballad of Mr. Percy Weasley-Peeved
Hogwarts is Home for Christmas- The Brothers Black
Of Family and Liberty-The Victorian Wizarding Romance Society
Moonchild (Dementor's Kiss)-The Halfblood Princess (Not the one You're thinking of! This one is from Sweden!)
Potter Addict-The House of Black
Mary Sue-The House of Black---Check it out! The House of Black just released the music video for this song. It's fantastic! Go here.

I promised to link a few things as well! :)

The HP Alliance
Harvey Putter

Download directly. (right click and save as)
Listen at the blog.
Subscribe with Itunes, etc...

We hope you like it. We'll be back soon with another episode! Keep wrockin!

Love from, Jamie and Amy
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