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Amelia S

Episode 21 of WZRD!

We are proud to present the 21st episode of WZRD!

Join Amy and Jamie as they talk about Wizard Rock news and interview Drama from the Switchblade Kittens!

Songs featured include:

"A Little Bit" by Stellar Veela
"To Fred" by Potter Noyz
"Voldemort's Lament" by Hogwarts Trainwreck
"Ode to Harry Potter" by Switchblade Kittens

There are a few words that might be offensive to certain individuals. Nothing too bad, of course, but we thought we should give you fair warning. :)

We hope you enjoy it! Remember if you want your music, news, or just want to be a guest on our show PLEASE email us at! We'd love it. Thank you.

* Views held by Drama Kitten or any other guest we have on the show are not necessarily those of WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station

To download it directly, right click and save as-here.
To listen at our blog, click here.
To subscribe to us through itunes or another program-click-here

We hope you like it!
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